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UCM: Search, GetFile, Checkin with PL/SQL

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

“Proof of concept” programming in many cases is the first draft of a finished product. Several of my starter programs are in the download section of this blog. They are PL/SQL programs that demonstrate simple Checkin, GetFile, and Search functionality. Besides using RIDC, when needing to retrieve content or Check-in content, these little programs can really help.

These are just proof of concept programs, so you will need to add any additional logging. Also, this program uses functionality originally found in flex_ws_api. This can be found on Jason Straub’s blog. Flex_ws_api has also been incorporated into Oracle’s Application Express in the APEX_WEB_SERVICE API. This code has also found its way into Alexandria, a PL/SQL Utils library.

With just a few additional lines of code, you can pull documents out of a database, and check them into UCM. All with PL/SQL code.