Kenneth Lee

Kenneth Lee

I have been a database developer for most of my programming career.  I began my career as a school teacher, then moved towards teaching computer classes.  As I taught more and more dBase III classes, I found myself writing more and more code.  I changed to a full time programming position using dBase III and Clipper.  This eventually worked into FoxPro 2 through FoxPro 8, using the Codebook methodology with version 3 onward.

Almost every company I have worked for has used Oracle in some capacity.  I began writing reports and other programs that would access Oracle directly.  Many times, using an ETL tool to get the data both into Oracle, then transformed to a format native to Foxpro.  Eventually, I spent more and more time writing both Java and PL/SQL code.  This naturally led to developing with JDeveloper and Application Express.

My first computer was a TRS-80.  I would spend nights typing programs in by hand, and leaving the computer on, as loading from tape took quite a bit of time.  Looking back to how fast data could be transferred, it seems funny that I can complain about the slowness of a cable modem or T-1 line.  The PCs that I use don’t seem fast enough either, and there is always the need to purchase something faster and better, and usually cheaper.

I enjoy time with my family, and really enjoy what I do!

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