August 18th, 2011 browsing by day


Website launch delayed. It wasn’t me, really!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

UCM website launch was delayed until September 6th. Now that there are containers and departments are responsible for their own data, the launch progress came to a crawl. People are finally realizing that there is work involved in owning your own data. What a surprise… NOT!

Still working full speed+ on the website, and it is looking good. Now if we could only speed up the searches!

So far, the best piece I coded was the lunch menu display. I used two jQuery plugins: A calendar component, and prettyPhoto. I display the food being served each day in schools in the jQuery calendar plugin. The data was created in an APEX application to populate the backend tables. A little materialized view magic later, and the data is available as a JSON feed from a service call to UCM using the IsJson=1 parameter on the service. I use pretty photo to display a list of food properties (similar to the side panel of a cereal box), and a graphic – also fed by a UCM service call. I’ll post the code for the calendar and popup display with a mockup JSON file for data in a few days. I spent way to much time getting this just right. Better to do a job right the first time, then to spend additional days, sometimes weeks coding again…