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Power Outage this morning

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Nothing like getting a foot of snow, then having the power go out to start your day! Luckily, my employer saw the wisdom in closing today.

I had to pick up one of my kids from the local theater last night. When I dropped him off, there was just the start of a little rain. When I picked him up, I had chains on the tires. A good thing as there were several cars that has slid off into ditches on the way. Front wheel drive with chains beats 4WD every time. Even though it is Spring, Winter just isn’t that far away, especially when you live close to 7,000 ft in elevation.

The power went out twice this morning. I have an older TripLite UPS on my server. By the time I got down to the basement, everything was off. At some point, I really need to hook up the cable from the ups to my server that notifies when power is going down and to shut down nicely.

I was lucky in that nothing was really corrupted. I have about four years of history of the top 200 book lists that I have been scrapping with a perl script. Originally, I was going to use the data to create lists of books that are valuable, and hopefully can be found at local library book fairs. Although I thought this was a good idea, it never amounted to much. I still keep track of the top 200 list.

I’ll post a picture of my server in the basement later for anyone that wants to see my setup!


My server room