RMOUG Presentation, Part 2

Written by klee on February 18th, 2010

ScreenToaster video of Ubuntu Install and Oracle XE

For my presentation this year, I pre-recorded how to install Ubuntu 8.04.4 Server and Oracle XE.

The video does not have any sound, and is about 30 minutes in length. I will add the accompanying slides I used at the conference in the download section.

The presentation seemed to go well. I tend to present one-offs each year, and don’t get to hone my skills on a single presentation that I repeat at other events. I didn’t practice this year, and I think this showed, but the content was well received. It is always difficult to do a live demo, as there are always things that go wrong, and you really have to think on your feet. I will know what the audience thought when I get back the responses from the attendees of my presentation. What counted was that final display of APEX running through Apache, and boy did it work!

Hey, did you know that subversion is now at Apache? I learned that at a presentation by Kris Rice from Oracle. I was glad I got to see today’s presentation that he gave, it was incredible!


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